Employment Opportunities / Careers

This area is designed to introduce you to the employment process and employment opportunities we have identified at Pinnacle Healthcare, LLC. This includes Pinnacle Hospital as well as several physician practices (non-hospital employees).

If you are truly passionate about patient care and that passion shows through your desire and dedication to serve patients, families, visitors, physicians and other teammates ~ Pinnacle is the place to be!

You must believe in and uphold our Code of Behavior:

Foot and ankle pain, injury, and trauma


We will treat others with CARE & CONSIDERATION, just as we would want to be treated.
Ingrown Toenails


We will be TRUSTWORTHY, ETHICAL, & ACCOUNTABLE in the way we relate to each other and to our patients, their families, visitors and physicians.
Hammertoe Correction


We will go ABOVE & BEYOND our assigned duties to provide compassionate care, knowing that NO JOB is too small in meeting the needs of the people we serve. We will commit to establishing and maintaining healthy working relationships with each other.
Congenital Coalitions of the Rearfoot


We will be CONSTRUCTIVE in our interactions and will acknowledge each other’s importance. We will RESPECT and embrace our diversity while showing CARE & CONCERN for each other in order to create an atmosphere of MUTUAL RESPECT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I submitted an application online, how do I know it was received?

A. You will receive an auto-response email confirming the receipt of your application. It is important to check your email.

Q. Will I be contacted after I have applied?

A. Yes, via telephone and/or email. WE will contact YOU if we are interested in arranging an interview. Additionally, we will notify you periodically on updates. Please be aware, we do not return phone calls to “check the status” of your application.

Q. How often are jobs updated online?

A. Routinely. New job openings are posted once approved. Once positions are filled, or we have received an overwhelming amount of candidates, the postings are removed.

Q. Can I apply for multiple positions?

A. Yes, you can apply for any position that you are QUALIFIED for. We recommend you read the qualification section thoroughly before applying.

Q. Can I just mail, fax or drop off a resume?

A. No, we only accept actual applications. You can download our application (see link below). Please know, we HIGHLY encourage you to visit our website frequently and apply to open positions via the online application process. Our position openings are updated routinely.

Q. I do not see the position that I am interested in. Can I still apply?

A: Yes, you can download our application (see link below). We HIGHLY encourage you to visit our website frequently and apply to open positions via the online application process. Our position openings are updated routinely.

Q. What information will I need to provide in the application?

A. The more thorough you are in your application the better. You will be asked to provide: 1) Personal information such as your name, address, phone number, email; 2) Work schedules willing and able to work; 3) Employment information such as company, address, phone number, dates of employment, position held, reason for leaving, etc.; 4) Education information; 5) Licensure and/or certification information; 6) Professional reference names, phone numbers and email addresses. You may also upload a resume in electronic format such as MS Word or PDF.

Q. How long is my application kept on file?

A. Your application remains on file for at least six months.

Q. If I receive an interview, will I be offered a position immediately?

A. No, all job offers are made after interviews, references, licensure and others screenings are completed. Job offers are made from Human Resources via a written two page document on Hospital letterhead signed by our Chief Executive Officer.

We HIGHLY encourage online applications! If you cannot apply online, you can download an application and send it via email to, via fax (219) 756-0415, or via U.S. mail to Attn: Jobs, Pinnacle Healthcare, 9301 Connecticut Drive, Crown Point, IN 46307.

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9301 Connecticut Drive, Crown Point, IN