Area Hospital Ranked Most Cost-Efficient in U.S.A.

Nov 22, 2021 | News

Crown Point-In the first ranking of cost-efficiency of U.S. hospitals, The Lown Institute, ranked Pinnacle Hospital as #1 most cost-efficient in the United States. The Lown Institute is a non­ partisan think tank that evaluated the cost-efficiency of over 3,000 U.S. hospitals -click here to read more. Pinnacle was also ranked #1 in Indiana for patient outcomes. “America needs hospitals that provide great medical care at low costs,” according to H. R. Ansari, CEO of Pinnacle Hospital. “This award validates everything we have been trying to do for our patients and the community.” Pinnacle Hospital is one of a few physician-owned hospitals in Indiana. “It’s a unique collaboration,” Ansari says. “Our physicians play an active role in keeping costs for patients low while making sure we provide a high quality care with effective outcomes across several medical specialties, such as podiatry, orthopedic, spine, cardiology, neurosurgery, general surgery, GI, GYN, ENT, and medicine patients where some require an inpatient stay.”

According to The Lown Institute website, “Cost efficient hospitals save money for insurance companies and tax payers overall and have a positive impact on consumer lives.” Pinnacle Hospital offers healthcare to physicians across northwest Indiana, whether they are actively involved in ownership or just want to have their patients cared for at our facility. “I routinely treat my patients at Pinnacle,” Dr. Michael Nirenberg, an area podiatrist says. “I am not an owner, but nonetheless it is one of the few hospitals where I have a say in patient care -the management listens.” Ansari adds, “Our physicians take great satisfaction in their roles-not only being a one­on-one doctor to their patients, but also making Pinnacle a great provider of evidence-based medicine along with state of the art technology.”

Pinnacle Hospital was formed in 2007 to bring individualized care and uncompromising quality to every patient. Because Pinnacle concentrates on various specialties, and is operated by physicians, it can deliver efficiencies that are not sometimes possible in other settings. Beginning with your first introduction to the hospital, and continuing with the individual attention patients and families receive throughout their experience, Pinnacle means personal service, respect and compassionate care.

To learn more about the Lown lnstitute’s ranking of Pinnacle Hospital as·the most cost-efficient in the country, please see: /11/10/lown-report