Our Connected Community: Pinnacle Hospital Response and Commitment to Safety

Protecting what matters is part of our core. I am writing to make you aware of the precautions we are taking to protect the health and safety of you, patients, our employees and their families, and physicians. I also want to assure you that we’re here to listen as we all work together as a community to navigate this global health pandemic. At the forefront is our commitment to help fight Covid-19 by implementing strict screening processing, pursuing innovative and effective ways to see patients, while ensuring safety of everyone including our staff and physicians.

We recognize this unprecedented challenge will facilitate new ways of working and collaborating in the very near future. On behalf of Pinnacle Hospital, we value our relationship with you, and we are committed to staying connected and supportive through this uncharted territory.

If there are significant changes to the approach we have taken, we will inform you as appropriate. We are all in this together!\


Love and Strength to all,

H.R. Ansari, PhD